Terry Talk

My first,Ginger Hill Elementary

This is what inspired me.

I thought I would search for Ginger Hill Elementary School and just see if any thing materialized. Well not much did,so I decided here and now to do something about it. Ok so why not, I wasn’t the only one, most of everyone I think, as I try to remember, were from Nottingham Twp.,not an extremely populated area.

I think this was kind of a unique school  it was of an old style building  three story brick, some jokingly called it the prison because of the way it looked. I might have a picture of it somewhere. I personally believe I learned most of everything I was to ever learn in a school would have been in those old classrooms. The teachers were a mix of grandma,mom,librarian,and an uncle.

Some of you who may run into this post might remember me . I wasn’t someone who made any big contributions but I think I would be remembered by a few.

Even though I didn,t pay a lot of attention in class,well at least not to schoolwork. I remember some of the activities so well. I wasn’t one of the most of the boys who played baseball over in that large grassy area off to the side of the playground. You might have noticed me there in back by the bench with my radio, that is when the couple of girls weren’t always chasing me in the game of tag between the building and where the swing sets were.

When the teacher in charge rang that hand held bell you knew it was time to go back upstairs but it wasn’t so bad because we might have been looking forward to having the film projector wheeled in to watch one of those informative movies you know the ones were the sound blasted out of that little portable speaker they would sit on an empty desk, or we might have been going to have the television wheeled in on that tall cart to watch one of those WQED channel 13 shows like “Inside Out” on a black and white tv, or it could have been the day of the week the music teacher came in to our room, or our trip downstairs to the library. So we wernt always dissapointed that recess was over. I didn’t mind staying in sometimes not just when it rained but on beautiful days when I had to try and catch up with my work. I think there were a few different volunteers who helped me but I remember a petite blond haired girl that helped me the most,she lived near the school and she had once demonstrated a dance of her heretage on stage. Remember those narrow little spelling tablets,I used mine to list the girls initials, and they all gathered around my desk to see and if their initials were on it they would get mad,I thought that was fun,but I think what was best of all was when Mr Pust would  come in with his smile to sweep the floor it was almost time for our bus to be called,and we could finally go home and never think about Ginger Hill Elementary School again.